How to defeat anxiety?

WAYS TO DEFEAT ANXIA – How can anxiety be cured ? Before we find out, let's try to understand what it is.
Anxiety is a psychic state that affects many people. When one is in a state of anxiety , one can usually feel a set of different emotions such as fear, anguish, agitation and worry, and it can often happen that a psychic manifestation is accompanied by a physical one. In this case you can find yourself having tremors, tachycardia, vertigo and even nausea.

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SUFFERING ANXIETY – There may be more or less anxious people as anxiety can reach more or less high levels. In any case, those suffering from anxietyhe feels a very unpleasant feeling and the desire to get rid of it is always very strong.

WHO HITS ANXIA? – Who is suffering anxiety? Everyone can find themselves in an anxious state , indeed, according to the online encyclopedia Treccani: " anxiety is considered a general phenomenon, present, even if in different degrees, in everyone's psychic development ". Try a little anxiety sooner or later in life so it can be normal. Usually it is felt when we are faced with negative events we think that they can happen or that we are sure that they will happen.

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ANSIA DEGLI STUDENTI– In the case of students, it is widespread to feel anxious when you are faced with an important test, such as maturity , a university exam or a degree. Who has never tried the famous exam anxiety ? Even those who work, however, may find themselves in anxious states for important commitments. Anxiety is therefore a problem with which almost everyone has to confront sooner or later, but some people find themselves having to deal with it very often, if not daily.

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