How to increase self-esteem?

In modern society, self-made man, self-esteem is a fundamental gift as much as a rare commodity in each of us. Fortunately, the level of self-esteem you can have it as a character or you can get it with successes in life but also with 10 small exercises and useful tips that we will now go to see together.

  1. First step to increase self-esteem . Needless to say, the first thing to do, the base, is to do an important job on ourselves , on the perception of oneself, on the mind of each one of us. One can not increase self-esteem without first being convinced and being positively predisposed towards ourselves.
  2. Improve self-esteem by admitting your limits . It may seem a contradiction, but self-esteem should be found and increased only through a careful and objective analysis of its limits: only after having accepted them can we be able to overcome them.
  3. Among the exercises of self-esteem there is certainly to have at hand a sort of diary of objectives where to mark from time to time those things, of daily life but also in the medium and long term, that you want to complete. Indeed it would be important to start with a list of all the goals achieved, a positive boost that never hurts to start its own improvement path.
  4. Completing goals increases self-esteem . Try not to leave things in half. If in the immediate future this may seem like a weight less, in the long run it will become a boulder on one's own conscience and one's mind. Everything that has not been completed will be unconsciously labeled as a failure. On the other hand, it will be taken as a victory and will give us moral satisfaction.
  5. Take care of you. We were not wrong, it is not a suggestion to be more beautiful. But self-esteem also goes for obvious reasons from the perception that others have of us, at all levels. So take care of every detail , even those aesthetic and health such as nutrition, physical fitness, do not be unkempt but always at ease in any environment, elegant, sophisticated, sports depending on the context.
  6. Among the methods to increase self-esteem, there is certainly no one to always compare oneself to others. You risk to always feel in default of something. The models are fine but the continuous comparison no. Be yourself, enhance your qualities and qualities, learn and improve your faults but without going "down" if you are not like that friend, that actor, that model. It is a fundamental step.
  7. Among the useful self-esteem exercises we propose those that invest the field of non-verbal communication . When we are in public, they are very important because they concern the sphere of our way of posing ourselves. The language of the body , the proxemics, must always be positive, brought to the other, and never closing (hands in pockets, arms folded, look down, trembling, voice low and trembling, etc …).
  8. Surround yourself with positive people to increase your self-esteem . "Friends of friends are like friends" reads an old adage. And then avoid taking part in contexts in which you feel little appreciated, valued or under pressure. Always try, at least for the first time, when you are still working on yourself, people with whom you are at ease, that maybe does not judge you at the first mistake and that gives you security and positivity.
  9. Wrong is not a drama, nothing decreases in self-esteem . It's the easiest thing in the world to break down after a failure, big or small. Nothing more … just wrong. Because to err is human so it is useless to damn the soul if something went wrong or not as we wanted. It stops, reflects on the mistakes made and starts again, with the same goal or with a new one.
  10. Self-esteem in children . We will dedicate the last piece of advice to the little ones, to future generations. May they be our children, younger brothers, cousins ​​or grandchildren. For them the concept of self-esteem is something insignificant but to make them mature, with the game, a good judgment of them will help them in their growth and maturity when they grow up. Make drawings, and with the game, try to emphasize its more positive aspects, so that you appreciate yourself and always try to gratify what they do without falling into spoiling them.

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