How to cope with the loss of pet

Deaths are hard to cope with in general be it a loved human or a loved pet. Pets’ love is unconditional, and death of a pet is a hard pill to swallow. Human life span is a lot longer than domestic animal life span. We will outgrow our pets that’s a fact. There will, surely, come a time when we will have to bid goodbye to our pets.

a girl with a puppy

Before the demise of your pet:

  • If you are aware that your pet is fatally ill and will leave you soon. You should spend as much time as you can with your pet. Make happy memories, clink pictures, go on walks and such. Making memories and talking pictures will help you remember your pet in a good way after its demise. This a very good coping technique. Beautiful pictures help the brain to forget the ill and miserable memory of your pet and replace it with better memories.
  • Also seek medical advice from the vet. The more you know about your pet’s pain the more it will help you to cope. It will also help you take the right decision for your pet. If your pet is in a lot of pain, you should be able to see that its better for him to be put down.
  • Accepting the fate of your pet is another way of coping. You shouldn’t deny the fact that your pet is dying, nor should you take it at heart and give up altogether.

After the demise of your pet:

  • Mourning and Crying: Many people may think it’s absurd to cry for an animal, but pet owners know the attachment they have had with their pets. Its normal to shed tears, there is nothing absurd or stupid about crying at the loss of your pet. Proper mourning can help you accept the fate of your pet easily.
  • Talk about the loss: When your pet was active and healthy you must have sung its praises to your friend. But now its time to talk about the death of your pet. Talking and remembering will help you get over the loss. Sharing the pain helps with the ache of the loss. The sympathy and warm words will help you remember that people care about and your hard time. Talking with friends will revive the fun memories of your pet as well as of the good times you have spent with your pet.
  • Remembering your pet: After loosing a pet one of the worst things you can do is go in denial or pretend that you never had a pet. People may think it’s a better coping tactic, but its really not. Facing the problem up-front is the best thing you can do. Pretending will have to end at some point and when it does, it will hurt more than facing the fact that your pet is dead. Keep reminding yourself of the good times you had with your pet, that will surely put a smile on your face.
  • Move on with your life: Life doesn’t stop no matter what. So, its better to man up and move on. Busy yourself with other stuff. If you can handle it, get another pet. It won’t be a replacement but it will be an activity you can busy yourself with.
  • Volunteering at pet shelters: If you can’t emotionally afford to have a pet. Then you should definitely volunteer at the local pet shelters. This will keep you busy as well as close to animals. Which is a perfect grieving therapy. Also, the good you do for other animals will fill you with content too.

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